Lights for Life

OPPORTUNITY: An intelligently connected home lighting environment.

TRADITIONAL APPROACH: Slow moving cycle from concept to prototype; dozens of full-time dedicated employees, meeting space, and time to brainstorm and refine ideas; comprehensive prototype development and testing; multi-year investment with full risk and extended commitment.

UTILIZING GENIUSLINK™: Just 120 days from concept to prototype completion; a handful of employees to oversee crowdsourcing and challenge publicity; part-time commitment to field questions, judge submissions, and coordinate prototyping; pre-determined financial commitment; crowdsourcing and small bath manufacturing minimizes risk. The Power of GENIUSLINK™

  • 142 ideas submitted
  • 992 participants
  • 17,864 impressions on the challenge page
  • 1,689 clicks on Make’s strategically placed social media posts
  • More than 5.6 million total overall campaign impressions (Maker Faire sponsorship, challenge & social promotion, Make magazine)

OUTCOME: A robust solution that includes a set of connected applications within a single light source, including lighting that syncs with personal fitness devices. The product senses when a user has been sitting idle for too long and encourages that person to get moving. It also includes lighting-based motion detection that syncs with paid security systems.



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