NFL HHTC VI Webinar Recording Now Available

The HeadHealthTECH VI webinar recording is available here.

HeadHealthTECH Challenge VI sponsors—Dr. Barry Myers, Director of Innovation at Duke University’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (Duke CTSI), and Jennifer Langton, Vice President of Health and Safety at the National Football League (NFL)— hosted the information webinar on August 14th.  Also featured were past Challenge winners, demonstrating how this program acts as a catalyst to accelerate each winner’s innovation and commercial success—as well as how they channeled feedback from unsuccessful submissions into winning results.

As Dr. Thom Mayer, MD, FACEP, FAAP, the Medical Director of the NFL Players Association, also shared helpful advice encouraging innovators to take advantage of the expertise and feedback from Dr. Myers and his team at Duke CTSI by submitting an idea to the challenge: “[Your] ideas that seemingly might not fit exactly as you might think… [are part of] a catalytic reaction. Your ability to communicate across boundaries—particularly under the magical influence of [Dr. Myers] can make a difference.

Langton added that even if you have just the beginning stages of a concept, please submit: “The feedback, networking and connections that Dr. Myers and his team provide can help bring your idea to the next level.

Thinking you have an interesting solution (even if just an idea) that could help advance player safety? HeadHealthTECH Challenge VI proposals are being accepted now through September 13th, 2018. Learn more about the series here.


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