Get in the Gig Mindset – January 9th with Microsoft

GeniusLink Expert Operating System Webinar Series: Gig Mindset featuring Microsoft

Ride sharing.  Home projects.  Property rentals.  Most of us are leveraging the gig economy in our personal lives.

Smart professionals are similarly applying gig tools at work with great results – leveraging freelancer support to achieve greater speed, better cost, better results.

In doing so – they’re elevating the capacity and capability of their own teams.

To learn the very best practices of applying gig to business – join us for a webinar with  special guest Paul Estes, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Content Strategy and Gig Economy.

The key to success?  A shift in mindset.

Join us for a great session in the next edition of the GeniusLink Expert Operating System Webinar Series on January 9th at 11:30am ET.

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