Webinar Recording – Gig Mindset with Paul Estes

On January 9th, we had a fabulous (and quite engaging) conversation with Paul Estes, Senior Director of Content Strategy and Gig Economy at Microsoft, who shared his perspective on the journey from personal to professional engagement of the gig economy–and how you can make small changes in the way you think and operate to elicit big results.

View the Recording:  Missed the part of the conversation or want to reference back?  View the webinar recording by clicking below:

New Gig Mindset Podcast!  Paul has also recently launched his “Gig Mindset” podcast, which inspires listeners to reclaim your time and rethink what’s possible.  GeniusLink is also honored to have its own Dyan Finkhousen featured in one of the first episodes, for which you can listen to perspectives on Coloring Outside the Lines here.

Interested in what you heard during the Gig Mindset webinar?  Reach out to the GeniusLink team to learn more!

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