What We Do

Welcome to crowd-powered operations.

GE GENIUSLINK™ is your go-to enterprise solution for open innovation, crowdsourcing, expertise and instant access to talent.  We are helping GE teams and customers drive stronger business results through a better resourcing methodology.  We enable our customers to increase the speed of innovation, convert data into productivity and automation, and increase capacity for incumbent teams to focus on key business priorities.

We’ve developed what is arguably the world’s largest and most efficient expert and freelance talent marketplace–with over 21 million experts available to support your efforts–from market research to NPI to Operations and beyond.

How are we changing the game?

Here are a few examples of our work:

  • A team of GE PhD’s and statisticians helped a sales organization uncover $800MM of under-evaluated opportunities and increased the conversion rate by 17% through predictive modeling.
  • A GE customer was able to take a previously cost-prohibitive website build from idea to production in just 8 months… with the support of 300+ developers.
  • An Aviation team unlocked immense potential fuel savings via 700+ product redesign options that reduce part weight by up to 84%… which were created in just 3 months.

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Expert Access System

We do this with a sophisticated blend of crowdsourcing, experts on demand, and open innovation.  This enables our customers to access the intellectual firepower and human capacity found outside the boundaries of their current employee base or supplier network.

Our compliant, scalable process (managed wing-to-wing by our team) provides customers with direct reach to crowdsourced experts in areas like engineering, design, marketing, IT and more. We match mission to expertise, task to talent.  We’re transforming business operations by helping our customers augment and accelerate their efforts with on-demand talent.

With over 700 programs delivered, and operating within one of the world’s most reliable digital industrial organizations, GE GENIUSLINK™ enables customers to deliver outsized business results.

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Our Services

Born of enterprise rigor and refined by the mentality of a startup, GENIUSLINK™ is GE’s team of crowd-powered business experts who will help you get business done better.

Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

Everyone’s talking about the Gig Economy.  We’re putting it to work.  We deliver business services by accessing expert networks that include over 21 million individuals, universities and companies around the world.  Our customers are crowd-powering their operations to address strategic business imperatives, and solve everyday problems.

Professional Services:

  • Marketing Services
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Experts on Demand
  • Process Simplification and Automation

Product & Technology Development Services:

  • Ideation
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Small Batch Manufacturing
Data Science & Analytics

Our in-house team of over 70 data science professionals, serving GE teams for over 15 years, are now helping our customers unlock the disruptive business potential buried in big data.   Customers now have a better, more reliable way to access sophisticated data science solutions to drive commercial growth, operational optimization, actionable insights, and process automation.

Data Science & Analytics Capabilities:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Market Research
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Sales Force Enablement

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