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Driving progress toward better protective equipment.  JOIN US FOR A WEBINAR ON November 9, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST. REGISTER HERE

 Championing engineering advancements to improve safety

The National Football League (NFL) is committed to championing new developments in engineering, biomechanics and material science that better protect against injuries. In order to advance this effort, the league is collaborating with the NFL Players Association and bringing in the world’s foremost biomechanical engineers and material scientists as advisors. The NFL pledged $60 million toward the Engineering Roadmap, a dedicated and comprehensive plan funded by the NFL and managed by FRI to create incentives for innovators around the world to develop new and improved helmets and protective equipment.

On November 9, at 11:00 AM EST, Dr. Jeff Crandall, Director of The Center for Applied Biomechanics at The University of Virginia and Chairman of the NFL Engineering Committee, will share his team’s findings from a comprehensive video analysis of all concussions sustained during NFL games played during the 2015-16 or 2016-17 seasons. The analysis includes results on impacts related to concussion, including impacts by position, type of play and source of helmet impacts (such as helmet-to-helmet vs. helmet-to-ground).

Register for the webinar on November 9, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST to learn more about how this data and collaboration can ultimately help generate next-generation solutions and improve player safety on the field.


Learn about the Future of Work: innovative changes to the workplace and team structure.

Join Dyan Finkhousen, GE GENIUSLINK; Eric Gilpin, Upwork; and Mark Roberts, TechServe Alliance on November 1st at 10:30am ET to learn more:

With just one week left before the HeadHealthTECH Challenge III closes (Sept 29th)… we are thrilled to share the HeadHealthTECH III webinar recording here.  Listen in to hear from challenge sponsors and get tips from previous winners!

GENIUSLINK is excited to announce its partnership with Gig Market heavyweight Upwork.  Accessing just the right talent, at just the right time, for just the right outcome is key to success in the digital era.

Check out the press release:

Forget what you know about resourcing.  It’s time to disrupt.

Cutting through all the industry jargon – Gig Economy, crowdsourcing, open innovation, experts-on-demand, freelancers, etc.  What does it all mean, and why should I care?

Obviously, we all need the right expertise to get business done.  But what’s different—is the new way that you’re able to engage with the right talent.

It’s time to add a new layer to your resource stack – through crowdsourcing – or the Gig economy.

How it works

Basic “Gigging” is easy.  There are a million (or so it seems!) service providers with great platforms and services to help you access experts on demand.  We work with some of the world’s best – companies like Upwork, 10EQS, Topcoder and more, enabling us to connect quickly with great talent to get the right work done, the right way.

Advanced “Gigging” across a large, complex organization is another story.  An effective enterprise strategy requires a centrally-coordinated operation to generate the best yield.  Specifically, a centralized operation can reduce risk, reduce cost, and generate better outcomes all by applying aggregated best practices and lessons learned.

Here are some things to keep in mind when building your Gig strategy:

  • The Gig vendor landscape is crowded.
  • The terminology varies. A lot.
  • It boils down to the ability to effectively match mission to talent. Task to skill.
  • It’s art. And science.

A nod to the obvious

Ecosystem models – typically more effective when multi-sourced.  Advanced practitioners are savvy enough not to be lured in by the appeal of a single-vendor approach underpinned by a fancy algorithm or website.

Complex organizations need to access to multiple talent markets, using multiple approaches.  A mature program has deep domain expertise and a balanced operating model that leverages digital and analog tools to optimize talent search, match, management and compensation.  It will never sacrifice strong operational rigor and intellectual property stewardship.

Advanced practitioners also understand the value of the Gig operations data – and the longer-term risk of relinquishing full ownership of those insights to a single Gig vendor.  Over time, we’ll see companies design Gig engagements with more focus on the sophistication of the matching, management and expert compensation tools, and the ownership of the data and algorithms.  The companies that own the data and algorithms will become gatekeepers for better resourcing effectiveness.  Advanced practitioners that understand this will avoid designing programs that put all their eggs into one vendor basket.

The next several years will see exciting advances in business and industry as enabled by the cloud, the crowd and AI.  Navigating the path forward with the right strategy for talent and technology will determine who leads and who follows in the decade ahead.

For more information or to connect to explore Gig Resourcing Services, contact us at or

Can you gig it?

Flash forward to 2020 and look around you. Studies state two out of five people will be freelancers. “I can Gig it,” you might say… “I can leverage Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Task Rabbit.”  But what if those freelancers were doing more than driving or errands – but working alongside you? Helping you to get business done? Can you Gig that?

That 2020 future… is happening now, and it’s been aptly named the gig economy – referring to a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work. This surge in freelancing plays into many of the workplace shifts we’re already experiencing—flexible work locations and schedules, digital teams, 360 evaluations and more.

Consider, though, while the market uses terms like gig, freelance, crowdsourcing, experts on demand, or open innovation – we should view this as a talent market.  The ability to efficiently access talent anywhere, at any time, is also enabling another big change in the way work is organized.  Businesses can parse projects into smaller components, and request help from specialists anywhere to complete these components.

Why should we care? Because we’re operating in an era where markets keep moving faster, and businesses are losing pace in the talent race. They can’t hire all the resources they need, or train existing teams quickly enough to assess and deploy emerging technologies. Digital-era leaders need to build Gig into their core resourcing strategies to compete effectively.

This is something our Global Operations GENIUSLINK team has focused on for years. We’ve developed what is arguably the world’s largest and most efficient Gig ecosystem. Our compliant, scalable process provides GE teams and customers with direct reach to over 21 million experts in areas like engineering, design, marketing, IT and more. We match mission to expertise, task to talent. We’re transforming the way work gets done by helping GE teams, GE customers, and beyond augment and accelerate their efforts with gig talent. And we’re seeing amazing results – program sponsors reaching out to colleagues in other functions and businesses for help and expertise, and reaching outside their companies to collaborate with experts around the world.

The Future of Work is here… and it’s crowd-powered.

Can you Gig it?

Ask your questions and join us as you prepare your submission.

In the GE Fuse Position Sensor Design Challenge, we are iterating on how to make ultrasonic inspections faster, more accurate and safer.
Join us on July 13th, 2017 from 11-11:30 AM ET as we host a Live Question & Answer session with Fuse Technology Leader Naveen Nair who will talk in-depth about the challenge and answer questions from the community.

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GE GENIUSLINK™ is honored to have been named an ISPIM 2017 Grand Prize Finalist for excellence in innovation management at last week’s conference in Vienna, Austria. Read the full recap here:

It’s the FINAL DAY! Submit your #NFL #Duke CTSI #HeadHealthTECH #challenge entry by 11:59pm TONIGHT!  Share your solution here:

In HeadHealthTECH Challenge II, the NFL, FRI (Football Research, Inc.) and Duke CTSI are looking to innovators around the globe to help develop next-generation solutions and innovative technology designed to improve player health and safety. Got a great idea or tech to advance this mission? Share it!

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Down to the final hours!  There are just 48 hours left to submit your #NFL #HeadHealthTECH Challenge II proposal!  Submissions are due June 14th at 11:59pm ET!

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GENIUSLINK™ is thrilled to announce its proposal for the ISPIM 2017 Grand Prize–showcasing excellent examples in Innovation Management–has been selected as a finalist alongside great organizations like IBM, HP and Fraunhofer.  GENIUSLINK™ ‘s submission details the story of GE Transportation crowd-powering their business on an ongoing basis–to deliver outcomes to customers better and faster–and identify amazing talent along the way.

The ISPIM 2017 Grand Prize winner will be announced Monday, June 19th in Vienna, Austria!  Check out more details–and the submission–here: