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OPPORTUNITY: An intelligently connected home lighting environment.

TRADITIONAL APPROACH: Slow moving cycle from concept to prototype; dozens of full-time dedicated employees, meeting space, and time to brainstorm and refine ideas; comprehensive prototype development and testing; multi-year investment with full risk and extended commitment.

UTILIZING GENIUSLINK™: Just 120 days from concept to prototype completion; a handful of employees to oversee crowdsourcing and challenge publicity; part-time commitment to field questions, judge submissions, and coordinate prototyping; pre-determined financial commitment; crowdsourcing and small bath manufacturing minimizes risk. The Power of GENIUSLINK™

  • 142 ideas submitted
  • 992 participants
  • 17,864 impressions on the challenge page
  • 1,689 clicks on Make’s strategically placed social media posts
  • More than 5.6 million total overall campaign impressions (Maker Faire sponsorship, challenge & social promotion, Make magazine)

OUTCOME: A robust solution that includes a set of connected applications within a single light source, including lighting that syncs with personal fitness devices. The product senses when a user has been sitting idle for too long and encourages that person to get moving. It also includes lighting-based motion detection that syncs with paid security systems.



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 The National Football League (NFL) and Football Research, Inc. (FRI) partnered with Duke University’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (Duke CTSI) to create the HeadHealthTECH Challenges—a series of innovation challenges intended to deepen understanding and advance solutions in the areas of head protection, materials science and head kinematics, among others. The TECH Challenges are structured to stimulate research and innovation, and to create an intellectual forum to connect innovators with engineering experts, mentors and venture capitalists.

In HeadHealthTECH Challenge II, the NFL, FRI and Duke CTSI are looking to innovators around the globe to help develop next-generation solutions and innovative technology designed to improve player health and safety.

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Chris Cancialosi of Forbes published a great piece featuring GE GENIUSLINK’s Fuse.  Take a read for some lessons learned on our path toward open innovation at GE Fuse.  Read more here: Unlock potential innovation crowdsourcing!

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Open innovation provides friction-reducing roadway to shared thinking.  Check out a great article by Becky Morgan in Industry Week:   via

GENIUSLINK’s Fuse business model was just featured in GE Reports.  Click the link below to learn more about how Fuse is accelerating product and technology development, bringing together smart thinkers from around the world, and establishing a first set of roots in Chicago, IL.

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Fuse, GE’s new manufacturing business model,  is designed to accelerate product and technology development. Fuse marries digital crowdsourcing with prototyping and small batch manufacturing in micro-factories.

By bringing together customers, entrepreneurs, scientists, coders, engineers, students, corporations and more, Fuse delivers greater speed, design options and greater market validation than traditional product development techniques.  Fuse is manufacturing at a digital industrial pace.

Check out the press release here:

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