Modern Contingent Workforce Strategy

“At GE, we disrupt ourselves – fundamentally rethinking the way we do business, embracing new technology and leaning into talent innovation,” said Dyan Finkhousen, president and CEO of GENIUSLINK™ and Director of Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing for GE…. Read More

Serial Disruption and Experimentation

GENIUSLINK’s own “serial disruptor” Dyan Finkhousen teaching people not be afraid to experiment

Workplace 2025 Webinar – Nov 1st!

Join the webinar to learn about the Future of Work: innovative changes to the workplace and team structure.

GENIUSLINK Triples Its Talent Network

GENIUSLINK is excited to announce its partnership with Gig Market heavyweight Upwork.


Forget what you know about resourcing.  It’s time to disrupt. Cutting through all the industry jargon – Gig Economy, crowdsourcing, open innovation, experts-on-demand, freelancers, etc.  What does it all mean, and why should I care? Obviously, we all… Read More